Suction Hammocks for Cats Sunny Window Loungers

Innova Feline Shop.

$53.90 $70.90
SKU: 7546848-1


-Cat kitty window bed sill hammock swing perch provides your cats comfortable sunbathing and good view of outdoors

-Comes with 3 strong absorbent suction cups that hold up to 15kg/33lbs and attach the bed to windows or ceramic walls securely without worrying about falling off

-The washable pad inside retains your cat's body heat to keep them warm and cozy
-Open top for easy access and ample space design will allow for plenty of space inside for cats sleeping and lounging

-Made of soft felt material provides comfortable touch feelings to allow for a cozy and relaxing nap and sleeping pleasure.

-A good place for cats to enjoy sunbathing and the beautiful landscape outside, keeping them warm and sunny