Interactive Cat Toy Turntable Windmill Training Toy

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Category:Pet Toys
Toys Type:Balls


  1. Material: TPR+PC
  2. Size: 7.5 cm(suction cup diam), 4.5 cm(capsule diam)


  3. Spinning cat toy with a suction cup on the bottom can be mounted on the floor, wall, door vertically or horizontally. Strong suction keeps steady to prevent falling off under clawing.
  4. There is a ribbed ball in the middle that can be used as a chew toy or a self-grooming kit for cats.
  5. With two clear capsules on both sides, the spinning toy can be filled with treats or catmint to attract the cat's attention.
  6. The full body is made of soft and non-toxic TPR material that is durable and bendable.
  7. Waterproof and easy to clean.