Cool Cat Usb Air Humidifier/Atomizer

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Product Name: Lovely mini humidifier

Product Size: 10*8.3*8.3

Product weight: 71g

Product capacity: 250ml

Usage: USB interface


1. [ultra silent]: silent operation. Sleep won't bother you

2. [large capacity]: anti drying, penetration and hydration

3. [auto power off protection]: prevent drying to avoid damage to the machine

4. [Small size], light and compact, easy to carry

5. [good sealing]: no water leakage during pouring, good sealing, no fear of pouring, no water leakage and no electrical leakage, and safe humidification

6. Nano spray: soft and fine mist, soft and refreshing ultrasonic molecular atomization, fine water molecular spray, continuously moisturizing, moisten every inch of the skin.