Foldable Cat Cushion Winter Warm Bedding

Innova Feline Shop.

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  • Warm and cozy cat bed - Your cat or small dog can roll up quietly in this cat bed designed to catch warmth, keeping your pet warm and comfortable while lounging. They pet no longer worry about bad weather
  • Careful design - Pet beds have a raised edge for the head and neck of the pet and provide relief for dogs and cats with joint pain or arthritis.
  • Comfortable Material - The kitten bed is made of plush and PP cotton. It is soft and skin-friendly and adapts to the various sleeping postures of the kitten.
  • Own nest - ideal for pets who love a cozy place to curl up safely. Dogs and cats like to dive into soft beds and sofas, and they feel safe there.
  • Pet nest bed Anti-Slip - The bottom of the pet bed is provided with a non-slip cloth for the safety of the pet.
  1. Pet mat: Ideal for animals such as cats and small dogs.
  2. Warm mat: It will create a comfortable, sweet and warm place for your pet.
  3. Easy to fold: Easy to fold into a bed in seconds, very convenient.
  4. Soft fabric: Made of plush, soft and comfortable.
  5. Washable: Machine washable and easy to maintain.