Dual-use Cat Bed House

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$37.90 $52.90
SKU: 8089906-1

Introducing the Dual-use Cat Bed House from Innovafeline! This stylish and attractive e-commerce store offers a variety of sizes and features to suit your pet's needs.

Choose from three sizes: S (32*32*38cm, suitable for 2.5 Kg Young Pets), M (40*40*39cm, suitable for 5 Kg Young Pets), and L (46*46*44cm, suitable for 7.5 Kg Young Pets). The bed is made from fleece and cotton, and comes with a removable cover, puppy kennel, small dog house beds, cat house, and pet house beds.

Also included are three sizes of blankets: S (60*40cm/23.62*15.75inch), M (76*52cm/29.92*20.47inch), and L (104*76cm/40.94*29.92inch). All of these come in a beautiful blue color.

Visit Innovafeline today to get your Dual-use Cat Bed House and make your pet's dreams come true!