Cat Scratch Guards for Furniture

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Guards to Prevent Cats from Scratching Furniture


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  1. Cat scratch tape is a strong and durable scratch-proof tape and is specially designed for cute furry pet cats. It adopts a durable silicone adhesive, totally hypoallergenic, afe for pet, and harmless to the surface.
  2. This is an effective anti-scratch pet product to protect your furniture so that you can train your pets not to scratch the surface of them. This product with one-sided adhesive can effectively prevent your pets from scratching your expensive furniture.
  3. Invisible Protection. Our transparent sticky tape provides a clea, fairly impeccable way to protect your furniture from pet scratches.
  4. Easy to operate and convenient for surface protection. Durable adhesives are bonded to most surfaces such as suede, leather, artificial leather, dyed wood vinyl plastic, and bricks.
  5. DIY and unlimited applicatio, rotect your sofa, door, tair, car seats and other precious surfaces.

    Package Include:

    1 x Cat Scratch Tape (10 nails )