3.8L Pet Cat Automatic Feeders Large Capacity Cat Water Fountain

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Automatic waterer for pets, automatic water replenishment, large capacity of 3.8L, for small dogs/cats to drink for 3-4 days, and large dogs for 2-3 days.

Warm tips:

1. According to the action of gravity and water pressure, the water in the water bowl will block the mouth of the bucket when the water reaches a certain height, so it will not be poured into the water;

2. According to gravity, when the grain leaks to block the grain outlet, the feeder will no longer deliver grain.

3. How to open (1) Put the waterer or feeder upright (2) Hold the barrel to separate it from the main body


Max Output:300g
Min Output:100g
LCD Display:No



material: plastic

Specifications: feeder, waterer

Color: coffee, khaki, grey

Size: 31*22*31

Weight: 450g for drinking fountain, 360g for feeder

Packing list:

1 feeder/drinker